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Black Dragon


A classic urban tale of how a man's life will be altered by a secret government tattoo -- Now he's framed for a murder. Could he be our salvation and save the world? More episodes are coming soon to the website!

Truman's Last Kiss

Film Short - Crime

A man's political aspirations are met with challenges when a reporter attempts to uncover his family's corrupt past.

Sellin Weed


A pesty drug dealer named School, desperately tries to sell weed to his neighoor Daryl.

The Adventures of Nate


This introductory pilot webisode series adapted from the comic book finally comes to the internet. The geek who has some unsual powers sets out to save a friend.

Heddie Murphy: Back In Hollywood


Movie star Heddie Murphy has been out of the spotlight for a while, but when his manager comes over, he tries to convince Heddie to make movies again.

Proper Gym Etiquette


Grandma Maybel gives praise to a popular gym assistant, who works well with others, or is it all to be so true?

Where's My Brother


A man has reason to believe that the police is not doing enough to find his brother, and goes on a search for him.

The Last Seabreeze


Mankind has threatened our own ecosystem by illegally dumpimg toxic chemicals in our ocean threating marine life.

Be Warned


Two women create a perfect man ? However they unexpectly dicovered that a day walker will is the least of their problem.

The Rise of the Convict


A new evolution of a nemesis, and a hero will emerge to do battle. This film short was the finalist for the Hollywood Film Festival in 2008.

The Caller


A man gets a phone mysterious phone call which puts him on the edge.

Smoke Screen


When things in a coffee shop becomes complicated, maybe letting go of the drama could be a wise choice.

Dreamsearch TV

Reality Show

Our music stage will be ready, because we're looking for the next music group that has the perfect style, costumes, and flair. Your act will be voted on by a panel of past celebrity musicans.


Cooking with Vegan Vixen

Food Show

Join her as she will give you healthy meatless dishes that are fun and easy to prepare. If you are health conscious, then this is the perfect show for you to tune in!


Dance Party Live

Reality Dance Show

Join us as we go to the hotest dance clubs in Northern Califonia. So if you like dancing and fashion then this may be just for you to be a guest on our show!


Tales of Horror

The Prophecy

A classic urban tale of a man who wanders into a place to have his fortune told is not too keen on his prediction. Can he prevent this fate from happening? This was selected to as a finalist.

The Judgement


A classic urban tale of a compulsive gambler who's in way over his head in debt thinks that today is his lucky day to break even. He doesn't even have a cue to what awaits for him. This was selected to as a finalist.



What started of as police raid is smeared in corruption when a friend dies. Now two friends will go through a private hell to get justice. Hang on to your seats for a dirty ride.

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Every Dog Has His Day


When a man discovers that his job maybe ruining his health decides to take his family on a vacation. However, little did he know that his family will be assualted, and left for dead.


Ladies Night


When things in a local strip club in San Francisco, start turning up murdered mulitated exotic dancers. The Sergeant decides to pair him with a female partner, but he rather work alone. However both of them trying to work undercover in a male exotic club may ruffle some feathers.


The Origin of Black Dragon II


When Jamal resurfaces years later, finds an underground city named Litosphere where there are more outkast who are lead by the evil Doeberman. He sets out to destroy Biotech, which sits on top of an reactor. Now the tables has turned and Black Dragon must recruit a league of superheroes to foil his evil plan...

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